About Us

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About Us

About Sunnychoice

Sunnychoice is a vegan and vegetarian friendly cafe and healthy option store. It is a family business that was founded in 2007 by 5 sisters. Our mission is to provide an avenue for health conscious individuals with a wide array of natural, organic and healthier products and food. Here, you can experience the goodness and convenience of both shopping and dining under one roof. 

We believe in living healthily and the need to choose, use and eat right. We help provide this experience by sourcing the region for healthier, better quality and natural ingredients for our food and for supplying to our patrons. Our cafe's motto is to serve healthy and delicious food, hence we coined the word 'Healthilicious'!

Our experience over the years have also helped us in introducing better wellness products to our patrons. We believe in supplementing our plant-based diet with natural occurring nutrient. At our store, you can receive helpful information on different kinds of health products for different needs.

At Sunnychoice, we strive to provide to our patrons a positive dining and shopping experience!