Brown Rice

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Brown Rice

Our cafe's motto is to serve healthy and delicious food.

We offer a vegan and vegetarian friendly menu with choices of over 50 food items.

We use sea salt in place of the common table salt and raw sugar instead of refined sugar. 100% pure non-GMO rice bran oil, a heart-friendlier oil that contains the antioxidant oryzanol, is used in our cooking.


At Sunnychoice, we strive to provide 'healthilicious' meals to our patrons.


For home food delivery service, please call us at 6899 0918.

A minimum order of $50 is required.

We use GrabExpress courier service to deliver the food to you and the delivery cost shall be equally shared, subject to a minimum of $5 per delivery.


We are also in partnership with Grabfood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda.